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September 11 – September 25, 2023

Weeks 19 and 20 of the open water season.

Water temp: 65-70

The walleye fishing was very up and down the past two weeks. When the weather was cooler and more fall like, the fishing was incredible. However, we have had unseasonably warm weather and that has slowed the bite down but it was still decent during those slower days.

There is a lot of different ways to catch walleye right now. The main two ways I have been focusing on is jigging and pulling lead core. I have been focusing on the 25-35′ of water range for both lead core and jigging. The fish are starting to move to their fall spots so the edges of deep holes with large structure are starting to hold a lot of fish.

It seems as though our lead core bite on the east end is all but over for this year, but if you can find active fish it is a great way to catch a lot of fish in a short amount of time. Perfect for families and kids.

This is a great time to come up to Lake Vermilion and the bite will only get better as we get more into fall!! The jig and minnow bite along with the jigging rap bite will take off any time now and then will be great for the rest of the year.

Baits of choice in my boat: Northland Tackle Tungsten Jigs, Jigging Raps

Check back next week for next weeks fishing report!

Zach Hrvol

Fishing with Z Guide Service

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Thank you for a wonderful time – we will be back next year for some June fishing. I’ll give you an exact date in a couple of weeks. Back to the city is worse this time than it’s been. We love your place.

Andrew and Genevieve Paule - Minneapolis, MN