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Opener Weekend Walleyes

Walleye were caught everywhere this weekend. Largest numbers of fish were caught in Pike Bay on the trusty jig and minnow. Rainbow minnows seemed to be the bait of choice. Anglers in Pike Bay also had success trolling Rapalas along the wind blown shorelines. Trolling at 2 mph produced quality numbers. The best colors were all gold, with blue producing some fish as well.

The deep water fishermen had plenty of success too! 20-25 FOW on sand to mud transitions was best until mid morning, then sliding out a little deeper to 28-32 FOW seemed to produce better results. Chubs and rainbows produced equal numbers of fish. The best jig colors were any variety of orange during the day, and anything with black during lowlight hours. 3/8oz Northland Tackle jigs of any style are my favorite.

Overall the size of the fish were about the same deep and shallow. Average size this weekend was 13-15” with a bunch of small fish to throw back and keep you busy!! This picture is of a Glenmore Resort guest with a beautiful 29” walleye! This fish was caught in Pike Bay opening morning.

Check back in next Monday (5/22) to see next week’s fishing report!

Zach Hrvol
Fishing with Z Guide Service

Thank you for a wonderful time – we will be back next year for some June fishing. I’ll give you an exact date in a couple of weeks. Back to the city is worse this time than it’s been. We love your place.

Andrew and Genevieve Paule - Minneapolis, MN